Katrin, a New York Film Academy graduate, has explored the North Pole and captivating landscapes of Africa, igniting her passion for adventure and the raw beauty of nature.

Artem, an extraordinary extreme sport filmmaker, has collaborated with renowned brands and discovered the enchanting beauty of glaciers, fueling the heart of Outland Expeditions.

Together, Katrin and Artem curate transformative experiences, blending their creative expertise and love for adventure to leave a lasting impact. Their vision embraces thrilling moments and a deep appreciation for preserving the natural world.

Welcome to Outland Expeditions.

Where we curate extraordinary adventures in awe-inspiring corners of the world. With a passion for exploration and a deep connection to the places we choose to live and operate in, we create unparalleled experiences that leave a lasting impact.

As filmmakers turned tour guides, we fell in love with the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures that now shape our journeys. We believe in going beyond the ordinary, immersing ourselves in local communities, and capturing moments that redefine adventure.

Nature is our muse, and preserving its beauty is our mission. Through our filmmaking skills, we share stunning landscapes and raise awareness about environmental conservation.

Join our tight-knit community of like-minded explorers, where the allure of the unknown awaits.

Whether you seek the untamed wilderness of Alaska, the vibrant culture of Hawaii, or other extraordinary destinations, prepare to be part of our story—a tapestry of adventure, connection, and lasting memories.




Meet Nikita,

a passionate adventurer, photographer, and tour guide based in Hawaii, is thrilled to be part of the Outland Expeditions team. With a deep love for travel and a desire to create lifelong memories, Nikita has found his calling in the captivating landscapes of Alaska. Having explored the region extensively during both summer and winter, he brings a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to guide and inspire the group.

As a skilled photographer, Nikita is dedicated to capturing the essence and beauty of each moment on camera, ensuring that your memories will be cherished for a lifetime.



Meet Tanya,

a talented photographer, content creator, and tour guide based in Los Angeles. With an immense passion for travel and creating lasting memories, Alaska has become Tanya's ultimate playground. Having explored the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska during both summer and winter, she has experienced the region as both a tourist and co-guide with Outland Expeditions.

This year, Tanya is excited to utilize her extensive experience to guide the group and capture their lifetime memories on camera.



Meet Andrei,

a seasoned traveler and outdoor enthusiast, brings his extensive knowledge and genuine passion for exploration to our team. With his warm and welcoming personality, he fosters a sense of camaraderie among the group, ensuring an unforgettable adventure filled with thrilling activities and stunning landscapes. Join Andrei as your guide and embark on a journey of discovery and connection.



Meet Daria,

your guide—a sailor, surfer, traveler and IT professional based in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. With a background as a tourism instructor and extensive travels across South America and the US, she brings a wealth of experience to make your adventure unforgettable. Daria is an outdoor enthusiast and a genuinely outgoing person. Her values of honesty, friendship, and genuine connections ensure you'll feel welcomed and included. With her warm and approachable nature, Daria will not only be your guide but also your friend, making you feel right at home throughout your journey.




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