"Outland expeditions introduced me to Alaska, and it changed my life. I have since spent every summer there, but it started 4 summers ago trekking across the most magnificent landscapes in two RVs with 10 kindred spirits. Kat and Tom love Alaska and in shows. Every place we went took my breath away. Magical hidden gems, unique ‘non-tourist’ experiences, fun exhilarating adventures. All in all a 10 out of 10 and highly recommended!

As a side note these guys are also first rate videographers and photographers with a keen eye for beauty, composition and storytelling. If I could afford to hire them for every video project I would. Here is an example of their work shot in various locations across Alaska"

Masha Tretiakova

"I visited 42 countries and it was most amazing trip ever in my life!! I’m sooooooo gratetfull to Kate York, Artem Savitskii and Andrei, that they did so much job to make it unforgettable!

I’ll definitely recommend this guys, because they do more then you’ll expect!

In 8 days of adventure we did a lot of stuff: dog race, expedition to glacier, ski expedition to abandoned gold mines, northern lights, ice climbing, hot springs and we had professional photos

Just trust to this guys, like I did and they will open for you wild Alaska. I didn’t even think about Alaska till I founded their Instagram, and I knew, it will be best adventure in my life. It was, so, I recommend you just to try this company and you’ll not regret!"


"I have never been to Hawaii before and it couldn’t be more perfect than the experience I had with OUTLAND EXPEDITIONS. It was such a storm of emotions that I can’t even describe in one comment.

Had a very positive experience with our tour guides Artem, Kate and Andrei! Their upbeat energy and positive attitude helped me to make the best of my first Hawaiian experience! It was impossible not to fall in love!

Their superb photography skills helped me to capture all the beautiful moments I had during the trip.

This adventure was super interesting and so exciting. I had so much fun and learned a lot, had a great opportunity to see the beauty of this place from the bird’s eye view during our epic hikes and helicopter ride.

The organization was top notch, too, with very helpful airport transfer and with overall logistics flexibility, and with so many astonishing facts about Hawaiian culture!

During our adventure, Artem was always cautious, had laid down rules for visiting the sights, so that we were safe.

Loved all the places we’ve visited. hiBeautiful, authentic, bright, unusual.

Would recommend Outland Expeditions to my friends in a heartbeat. It was truly the journey of a lifetime! It gave me so much joy and happiness that I will definitely come back to this beautiful place to enjoy it again!"


"Strongly recommend it for young adults that like to be curious, active, and adventurous. I did a winter trip to Alaska with Outland Expeditions in March'23. That was a perfect exposure to Alaska as a state full of natural wonders. Each day was filled with amazing views and great conversations. Artem was always with his camera or a drone so that we could enjoy ourselves and still be sure we got incredible shots. Huge shut out to Kate for dealing with all the logistical questions - each day, we had 2-3 activities, and everything was very smooth.

I liked this team so much that I signed up for the next trip right after we got back."


The trip to Alaska was one of the turning points in my life. Being far away to the north was the kind of retreat I sought.

The views were unexpectedly amazing, and every day something new and fun.

I grew up far north, so Aurora was not new to me, but seeing it again in another part of the world was great.

I met my new friends there and returned home as a new me. Thank you, Katrin and Artem!